#Urban Agriculture
Lewisburg City Residents
Lewisburg, West Virginia

The Land to Table Ordinance is meant to encourage, permit and regulate urban agriculture within the city limits of Lewisburg, WV. The proposed ordinance is based on the urban agriculture ordinance passed in Charleston, WV in 2013. The ordinance addresses personal and community gardens, beehives, hens and other urban agriculture activities.

Urban agriculture creates health awareness around food, nutrition by helping people to know where their food comes from. The ordinance permits and/or conditional use in certain zoned areas of the city to supplement the regulations already in place within the city limits of Lewisburg. The ordinance will increase access to fresh, locally grown wholesome foods while ensuring the health and safety of all its residents.

The Greenteam would like the Land to Table Ordinance passed in Lewisburg. Please add your name to the petition if you live within the city limits of Lewisburg and would also like to see the ordinance passed to encourage urban agriculture. The Greenteam will collect the signatures, and present them to Lewisburg City Council along with a presentation. The date will be announced and I hope you will be able to attend to show your continued support.

We, the undersigned Lewisburg City Residents, call on the Lewisburg City Council to consider and pass the Land to Table Ordinance.

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