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The City of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

We are writing to you with a proposal to resolve an issue we have noticed on our street which affects many residents of this city.

We live on Lakeshore Drive, and we have noticed a large and constant amount of pedestrian traffic on this narrow and winding road everyday. People either walk or bike ride on the side of the road to commute back and forth from work, or simply traverse the city which often appears dangerous and unnecessarily challenging for these citizens.

We would like to propose a solution- an extension- to the existing suspended sidewalk between Heron View and Prestige Inn along the harbor’s front edge. As pictured in Appendixes A & B, we could use the available space between Lakeshore Drive and the CPR tracks to construct a wide walkway in a boardwalk style with greenery, Victorian inspired streetlamps and seating fixtures, & scenic viewing areas of the lake and bird sanctuary.

The proposed extension of the existing walkway with crossing/overpass connecting the existing structure to the new suspended walkway which would run alongside Lakeshore Drive up to 23rd Avenue NE is one option –OR- going to 1360 Lakeshore Drive and using the (purchased by the city) strip of land alongside the street from 1360 Lakeshore Drive to 23rd Avenue NE to build a pathway, paved and in the same style as described above, is yet another solution.

We believe creating such an accessible amenity would encourage and support even more people to use green means of travel, and to of course be able to enjoy the beauty of our city and surroundings all the more. It should also easily become a tourist destination!

Besides addressing immediate issues, this walkway could also pave the way for future development and change of the area between Lakeshore Drive to Lakeshore Boulevard. This is a unique space in the city which should be seriously considered and utilized to enjoy it well into the future of our beautiful city.

The above project would be an investment for the city as it would benefit both residents and tourists. It would be a great way to enjoy this part of Shuswap Lake, as well it would provide a link to the north part of the city for commuters and pedestrians alike.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Salmon Arm, to support our proposal to extend the walkway alongside Lakeshore Drive and make Salmon Arm an even safer and more enjoyable place to live and visit.

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