In N Out
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In N Out has long been a trademark throughout California and is a business chain that is desired in most parts of the United States. The concept is great; a quality meal for an affordable price. As the Bay Area has the 6th largest economy throughout the world, it's nice to have other aspects of the state be admired from around the globe that goes beyond just economic capacity. In N Out is part of California culture, and this is why there is no logical explanation as to why there has yet to be one opened in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is perhaps the most preferred beach city in all of Northern California, and even has a UC pf its own in which there are several hardworking students. Whether these students are from other states or just from another part of California, there should be at least one In N Out in the city in order to satisfy the needs of these kids. Whether it is just to continue receiving quality burgers for an affordable price, or it's to try the chain out for the first time, the option should at least be available.

Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to be. Surrounded by astounding beaches and a distinct culture, it's no secret that the city of Santa Cruz is on the rise and is growing increasingly popular as a result of the simultaneous success of the Bay Area as a whole. However, there is one thing missing from Santa Cruz. One thing that could make this county rise above the popularity seen in other surrounding areas. One thing that could make this community challenge other successful cities in California for a top spot in anything ranging from real estate demand, all the way to social well-being . That thing is, you guessed it, In N Out. Let's join forces in further promoting this great cause in order to provide hungry (grumpy), hardworking, and financially unstable students get their hands on cheap, quality burgers. Who's with me?

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