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Hebron Maple Festival Committee
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The Hebron Maple Festival Committee has declared that the Hebron Maple Leaf can no longer entertain at the Hebron Maple Festival without sponsorship and insurance.

The Hebron Maple Leaf has been providing joy and support to the Hebron Maple Festival since 2011. He has caused no interference during this time and he has been welcomed with open arms by town residents, participants, and supporters of the Hebron Festival. Furthermore, he now has a Facebook page with over 70 Facebook friends and supporters.

The Hebron Maple Leaf originally started as a community service event through the Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast, until he branched out (no pun intended) into the center of Hebron during the festivities. The Hebron Maple Leaf may have started independently from the festival, from someone who purchased the costume of his own accord and who wanted to provide service and joy in the community. The Maple Leaf has become a key component to the festival that many children and families look forward to seeing each and every year at the Maple Festival.

This petition is to acknowledge your support for the Hebron Maple Leaf to participate in the festival, at his own risk, and for the enjoyment of others. There are several participants and Hebron residents that support the Hebron Maple Leaf and his mission, as well as his freedom to share joy on public grounds for no asking fee. There are also some who vehemently voiced their opposition toward the potential disappearance of the Hebron Maple Leaf in the 2016 Maple Festival and any following festivals.

There has been no opposition toward his participation, except from the Hebron Maple Festival Committee itself. The Committee will allow the Maple Leaf to continue his involvement in the Maple Festival should he have a sponsor and pay for insurance, but is this truly necessary on public grounds, and when the Hebron Maple Leaf is not asking for any compensation for his actions?

Furthermore, this petition acknowledges the First Amendment, and the right for the Maple Leaf to have a presence on public grounds so long as he is not disturbing the festivities or causing anyone harm (in fact, he's doing exactly the opposite, and bringing passion and joy into the festival, but some do not choose to realize this). Please, let's not destroy the passion of a Hebron community run event. Sign the petition so that we can bring him back. Your opinions and input will be greatly appreciated!

This petition was recommended by popular demand from those who support the Hebron Maple Leaf. I will hope to present this to the Hebron Maple Festival Committee pending its success.

Under this petition, we are signing for the following rights:

1) The Hebron Maple Leaf should be able to meet and greet people on all public grounds, in agreement with the First Amendment rights, so long as he does not disrupt or oppose any regulated activities that are part of the Maple Festival.

2) Insurance or sponsorship should not be provided for the Hebron Maple Leaf if he does not belong to a specific booth or private property, and does not ask for any kind of compensation in return for his public contributions to the Maple Festival.

3) The Hebron Maple Leaf should be able to participate if the Committee and others are familiar with his identity, and his identity does not warrant any potential problems within society.

4) The Hebron Maple Leaf is willing to take full responsibility for his own actions so that the Maple Festival and the Committee will not have to answer on his behalf.

5) This is a town festival, and the Hebron Maple Leaf is a town resident supporting his joy and passion for the festival, without business vendors or money involved. Your support for the Maple Leaf is recognizing the festival as a community event, and not just a conglomeration of business vendors.

Please sign the petition to support the Hebron Maple Leaf, his First Amendment rights, and for his participation in the 2016 Hebron Maple Festival and any other following Maple Festivals. Comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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