Mississauga City Goverment

Over the past few years, the sport of "Dirt Jumping" has grown rapidly; especially among teenagers. Many of these teenagers have limited access to an enjoyable, safe, creative location to ride. When Challenge park was created, it provided few things for riders to enjoy. Now as it grows every year, we the riders would like to see large improvements. However challenge park has some very noticable flaws to many riders and there are things that can be done, to encourage more riders at challenge park, from beginner to expert.

We would like to suggest things such as a larger jump course with small, medium, and large lines. We feel that some freeride features such as skinnies, platforms, etc. Would be great enjoyment for all riders. To encourage the growth of other parts of the sport we would like to see a concrete or dirt pump track. Lastly we would like to see a foam pit put in where riders can enhance there skills in a risk free environment.

We the dirt jumpers of Mississauga, request the City Of Mississauga to enable and aid the funding a overhaul of challenge park which will include:
-New freeride features.
-Expanded skill level dirt jump lines
-Pump track
-Foam pit.

We will accomplish this task through a selected group of volunteers and support from the local community and companies. We will also help fund this project through fundraising and public bike events.

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