#Food Composting
Teng Hoi Conservation Organization
Hong Kong

The Green Tray Project was created to allow people a real choice on food waste. Canteens or restaurants can join us.

Every time you get your lunch, you can choose to pay one extra dollar (your choice), to support both FeedingHK to redistribute unwanted food and us to compost food waste, which will be turned into our end product, soil, with the help of a compost machine.

The landfills in Hong Kong are filling up. If we do not start the Green Tray Project right now, Hong Kong is going to be full of garbage everywhere, even on the streets. All these are supported by the Teng Hoi Conservation Organization.

Anyone can sign this petition. Anyone who wish to support us. Your support is our greatest motivation, to continue our work, and also to get better and better.

Please support us, let us get a green Hong Kong back.

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