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Mayor Vincent Gray, Councilmember Jack Evans, ANC2E, The Zoning Commission
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In recent months, certain groups, like the Citizens Association of Georgetown (CAG) and the Burleith Citizens Association (BCA), and certain individuals in our community, like Jennifer Altemus, Ron Lewis, and Bill Starrels, have come out against the Georgetown University Campus Plan. These opponents falsely allege that the 2010 Campus Plan will weaken the communities surrounding the university.

In addition to supporting these facets of the plan, we do not feel as though further on-campus housing need be built. Not only do we assert that there is no room for such housing, we believe that as young adults, students have a right to live off-campus if they choose to do so. To argue otherwise is to argue that students are not equal members of the Georgetown community. On a secondary level, dramatically increasing student housing on campus is not realistic. The fact that locations like Harbin patio are often cited as locations for a future residence hall is indicative of the lack of space for further on-campus housing.

A more vibrant Georgetown University will result in a more vibrant Georgetown. Since its founding on an empty hilltop above a small village in 1789, GU has been an integral part of the community.

The 2010 Campus Plan contains provisions that will ensure Georgetown University continues to be a prestigious academic institution that meets its obligations to students and the broader community.

Highlighted proposals in the Campus Plan include:

• The renovation of Lauinger Library to offer students better on-campus study space
• The restoration of New South to include a Student Center that will address on-campus student space concerns
• The establishment of a more pedestrian friendly campus through greening of Library Walk & Tondorf Walk and construction of greenhouse study areas
• The construction of a new Contemplative Center to further Georgetown’s place as a center of spirituality
• The construction of a new athletic training facility to improve Georgetown’s strong athletic programs
• The addition of photovoltaic cells and wind spires to campus buildings to improve on-campus sustainability
• The increase of parking capacity by 1,000 spaces.

We, the undersigned, strongly support the highlighted measures and Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan. We also feel as though additional on-campus housing is unrealistic and wholly unnecessary.

As such, we encourage Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2E, Councilmember Jack Evans, Mayor Vincent Gray, the Office of Planning, and the Zoning Commission to support a plan that will result in a better Georgetown University that can better meet its obligations to the surrounding community.

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