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Romania Libera

LIBERTY. Without any freedom of speech there is no freedom for people!

Freedom of speech means expressing what people don’t want to hear. Especially what politicians refuse to accept.

“Romania liberă” (Free Romania) – the country's oldest newspaper – fights for this fundamental liberty in every article since 1877. Today, Romanian state institutions that cover entrenched political interests seek to take over or silence the voice of an iconic newspaper.

Sign the petition for the “Romania liber㔑s independence and our common call will be heard!

The last 140 years of "Romania Liberă" are the mirror of our history. The most illustrious names of Romanian national culture have filled the pages of our publication "changing the physiognomy of the Romanian newspaper": Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea, Alexandru Vlahuţă, Duiliu Zamfirescu, Mihai Eminescu, I.L. Caragiale, Maiorescu, Emil Racoviţă, Alexandru Macedonski and many others.

Seized when the Communist regime came into power, our newspaper has regained its independence after the revolution in 1989, under the direction of the well-known dissident Petre Mihai Bacanu, whose name will forever remain in the annals of journalism. In the first years after the Revolution "Romania libera" was the only newspaper with a strong democratic orientation, which had the courage to oppose the authoritarian regime established by former Communist party apparatchik Ion Iliescu.

The newspaper supported the anti-communist movement right out of its cradle, the Bucharest University Square. It has investigated and unmasked abuses and crimes perpetrated during the Revolution and the infamous ‘mineriade’ (miners’ strike attacks), as well as those committed by the Communist secret police, known as Securitate. Among those courageous journalists who dared writting about the true events of that time were Dan C. Mihailescu, Ana Blandiana, Doina Cornea, Gabriel Liiceanu, Emil Hurezeanu, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, and other great names who have subscribed to our mission for the freedom of speech.

After more than two decades of capitalism and democracy, "Romania libera" remains the iconic Romanian newspaper with the same editorial orientation. Unfortunately, our unrelenting commitment to these principles, have made us lots of enemies within the ‘left’ oriented political establishment - such as the former socialist Prime Minister Victor Ponta who triggered an unprecedented campaign against the newspaper, aiming to take it over or close it down.

Today "Romania liberă" is not struggling to survive within the publishing business but is drawn into legal battles against forces of the Romanian state seeking to take over it or silence it and against the elite of the former Securitate and the Communist Party.

Everything that we, the journalists from the oldest Romanian newspaper, want is to write freely. In order for you, our readers, to find out the truth the political elite doesn’t want you to.

Support us by signing this petition! And we`ll show our opponents that we are not alone. Stand up for "Romania libera"! Support its independence and freedom, as in the last 140 years of its existence!

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