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Saturday's X-Factor saw Ruth Lorenzo and Laura White fight it out in the sing off, the end result being that Laura was voted off the X-Factor.

Obviously neither singer should have been in the bottom two, but nevertheless it's a show in which the public vote for who they like and neither girl secured enough votes to keep them safe.

However, Laura has repeatedly stated in recent interviews that she was voted off tactically rather than on her singing ability. This implies that Laura sang better in the sing off than Ruth and therefore that Ruths position in the show is not based on her talent.

I disagree with this so strongly that I would like to show support for Ruth by setting up a petition to counter-act one set up in order to get Laura re-instated.

Please, everyone sign this petition and show Ruth that we believe she deserves to be in the competition.

We, the undersigned, would like to show our support for the decision to keep Ruth in the X-Factor.

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