The Township Trustees of Concord and LeRoy.
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Currently the Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce servces the communities of Painesville City, Painesville Township, Grand River, Fairport Harbor, LeRoy Township and Concord Township.

The collective population of these communities from the 2000 Census is 60,964 and growing. The Lake County Ohio Business List includes more than 1600 businesses in the Painesville, PV Township, Grand River, Fairport Harbor, Leroy and Concord areas. There is an overworked staff of two that is managing service of these businesses as prospect members and those that are in their membership currently.

Concord and LeRoy Townships are growing. Land is being purchased for development and a Town Center Initiative is planned for both LeRoy and Concord. With the construction completion in 2009 of the surgical center for University Hospitals and the new Tri-Point Hospital for Lake Hospital Systems, there is a projected growth in Concord alone of an additional 200 - 500 businesses and homeowners within the next 3 - 5 years.

Concord and LeRoy Townships require a dedicated Chamber of Commerce regionally located and designed specifically to serve this growing area.

We, the undersigned, ask the Trustees of Concord and LeRoy Township to endorse the Concord-LeRoy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Board of Directors pledge to be the voice of the business community to local government through our support and participation when needed.

The Concord-LeRoy Area Chamber of Commerce serves our region with a forum for the exchange of ideas and information through Advocacy in Motion. We will grant support through educational and networking programs, marketing expertise and exposure for our members.

Your signature here represents your support for a regional chamber of commerce to serve the business community in Concord and LeRoy Township.

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