To Send This List Of Signatures To The Leaders Of The San Joaquin/SCAC Division
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The CIF San Joaquin Section that controls athletics for high schools in the Solano County Athletic Conference (SCAC) has decided to move Friday night boys basketball games to Thursday nights instead of the traditional Friday nights. The following arguments outline the reasons why we need the basketball games to stay on Friday nights:

1. Students have 2-3 hours of homework per night so two school nights out is harder to keep up if there is a viable option for Friday.

2. Varsity should attend JV games and JV (and Freshman) should attend at least Varsity games whenever possible. Historically, Friday's were great nights for all teams to support those playing.

3. Fridays are about the only night that families with elementary age kids come and stay for Varsity due to late hour.

4. Middle school age students can't come to school night games as easily as Fridays.

5. All of the above limits our ability to get Cheerleaders, pep band, and other spirit squads especially to away games as that gets even later on school night.

6. Community attendance is primarily on Friday's as it is more appealing to go out on weekend. Especially if there are families.

7. There is much less of an attraction to a Thursday game, not as much party atmosphere as they have to get home for curfew.

8. Concession sales for schools will go down with decreased attendance which means less money made.

9. Publicity for games has been limited and there is an assumption that there will be a game on Fridays, it will take time to train all.

10. Some coaches have full-time jobs and may be difficult for them to leave early not once but twice a week.

We the undersigned call upon the CIF San Joaquin Section and/or the SCAC to move Boys Basketball games back to Friday nights where the games have historically been.

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