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The Buffalo Farm is under threat

Greetings past guests of The Buffalo Farm. We hope you and your friends and family enjoyed welcoming the new year. The Gibson family would like to thank you for your past patronage.

Our family developed The Buffalo Farm envisioning unique overnight accommodations accented by a micro-brewery all in a gorgeous wilderness setting. The goal was to give busy people like you a place to unwind and unplug. An Ontario government agency (NOHFC) awarded us a grant of $175,000 covering about 15% of the capital investment.

The accommodations business has been a roaring success. But when construction of the brewery building was 80% complete, our lovely original yurt burned to the ground. This loss of income forced us to abandon, at least temporarily, the micro-brewery side of our business. NOHFC interpreted this as a breach of our agreement and is demanding we return the entire $175,000 - at which point we will lose both farm and business.

We are appealing to the government on the basis that we should only have to return what NOHFC invested in the brewery, not in the successful accommodations. If former guests support our appeal, it could make all the difference.

NOHFC’s mandate is to provide strategic investments to stimulate economic development in Northern Ontario with a big priority on tourism. The Buffalo Farm aligns with this mandate totally. Please help prevent this business being squashed by short-sightedness.

Please support us by responding with your name and postal code. If possible, add the names and postal codes of others who visited The Buffalo Farm with you. Perhaps you would add a short note of support. Your help will be hugely appreciated. We will be heartbroken to lose this beautiful farm.

Stan, Mariam, Raschad, Shara and Javid Gibson

We, the undersigned, call on the Northern Ontario Heritage Foundation Canada, (NOHFC) to allow The Buffalo Farm to retain funding provided by NOHFC allocated to improving accommodations as the terms of the agreement were satisfied.

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