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Bristol City Council
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Bristol City Council have asked The Apple (www.applecider.co.uk) to remove its cold storage unit on the quayside. Without this, The Apple would be unable to continue to promote and sell the region's amazing local ciders as it would have nowhere to store them and no way of keeping them chilled.

The West of England produces the finest ciders in the world and should be recognised for this in exactly the same way that other regions of the world are recognised for their wines. The Apple is a unique, award winning venue which specialises in these ciders. Based on a boat in the heart of Bristol, the largest city of the region, The Apple has to physically collect these craft produced ciders from the local makers as there is no established distribution network. This means they have a large requirement for cold storage for their weekly collections, made larger by the enormous new-found popularity of these local drinks with local people of all ages.

It should be noted that The Apple has a superb record for the peaceable, friendly behaviour of it's customers, with virtually no incidents of trouble in it's entire history, unlike many other bars in the area. It is in fact a multi award winning, hugely popular local treasure, singled out in both local and national press as one of the best bars in the country.

Bristol City Council has twice set a clear precedent by giving permission for the next door neighbour The Spyglass to build an extension on the quayside and more recently an enclosed terrace. However, they are refusing to grant The Apple permission to retain their much, much smaller unit. They seem happy to support a mediterranean restaurant but not a venue promoting locally sourced food and drink, which is in turn supporting the local community and promoting the local area.

The council's argument is solely based around the idea that the area The Apple is in is designated a 'conservation area' where the council is obliged to protect the local character of the surroundings. The idea that a venue promoting the area's finest speciality does not fit in to the historic surroundings, whilst a mediterranean restaurant is deemed so appropriate that it is permitted to continually expand it's footprint next door, seems founded on a false, superficial sense of sophistication and a lack of pride in authentic local heritage.

The Apple are appealing the decision, please help by signing this petition. If they lose the appeal, Bristolians will once again have nowhere in Central Bristol to enjoy the fantastic, world-class craft produced ciders made in the region. In addition, visitors to the city will have much less exposure to this unique regional speciality which local government should really be doing everything they can to promote and support.

Find out more at www.applecider.co.uk

We, the undersigned, call on Bristol City Council to approve The Apple's application to retain it's storage unit, in order to support and promote the region's finest speciality, Cider, and it's highly-skilled, world class traditional local producers.

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