The twilight disease is taking over the world! You cannot walk into a shop and not be bombarded by Twilight this and Edward that..... bags, mugs, posters and even clothes.... oh please! Its not even that good of a movie.... and don't get me started on the second one! This must not go on!

We are suffocating here! Bella please leave us alone, don't come back until you can actually do something more than cry or run! and Edward, you may shine like diamonds but mate u need to smile a bit! Its soooo depressing......all this vampirism! And the werewolves, they are infected with the dreaded, twilight virus.......the missing shirts!!!!!! da da dooom! The whole thing is ridiculous, vampires falling in love with A weird UNDERAGE girl!!!! Edward is a peodophile!!!! He's like what 200 and she's like 16, yeah no! What an example its giving to our young people.....go run away from home with a 200 year old man, get married and have a half vampire baby!!

Anyway sign the petition and be able to go on with life, twilight free!

We, the youth of today, call upon the "twilight people" to stop polluting the earth with such nonsense as the Twilight series!!!

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