United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN)

Plumpy’nut is a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) used by Doctors Without Borders to treat malnourished children in Niger - successfully.

It is a simple solution for countries where hunger is widespread, it is a simple solution for the next tsunami or earthquake victims, or for any population cut off from food.

These foil packets of life saving nutrition could be dropped from planes. But there isn't enough of it being produced.

It is no longer acceptable to feed starving children porridge that has little nutritional value. With the renewed understanding of the importance of nutrients and vitamins, there is no excuse for industrialized countries to export nutrition void relief food to third world countries.

Severe malnutrition is a life threatening condition requiring urgent treatment. Until recently, the recommendation was to refer these children to hospital to receive therapeutic diets along with medical care.

The situation changed recently with the advent of ready to use PlumpyNut. However, this life-saving treatment is only being used in 3% of the children who need it.

We the undersigned petition the SCN to hold hearings, and change policies concerning food aid - moving from nutritionLESS to nutritiousNESS.

We also petition all governments belonging to the U.N. to provide incentives for their Peanut Butter producing companies to create and produce a Plumpynut-like product. There is no longer an excuse - this is a simple solution .

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