#Children's Rights
United States of America

In the United States about 40% of divorces involve kids, and four out of ten kids are born from parents who are not married. UC Berkeley scholar of family law by Patricia McBroom has writen that 21% of children living today will be stepchildren by the age of 18.

Step-parents are more heard of these days with divorces becoming more acceptable. Step-parents are starting to be more then just dads new wife or moms new husband. These days more step-parents are doing and being more involved in the child everyday life.

What if the step-parent was never married to the bio parent were does he/she stand then. Are you a step-parent, just another parent, or just an x? What if you have done your part in the kids life including but not limited to being there financially, physically and emotionally.

I would like to see people like this be able to fight for rights. Especially those who have sweat, blood, and tears for the children they have helped raise and care for in every aspect of life.

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