#Human Rights
people who think stem cell research is wrong
United States of America

Stem cell research is a very promising thing. Especially embryonic stem cells :) Stem cells have endless possibilities and have amazing potential in this world. They have the ability to divide infinitely. They are "blank" cells that can transform themselves into any type of body cell. They have the potential to treat and cure every disease and condition. The only thing stopping this is the stupid controversy which is totally pointless.

People who are against stem cell research are usually against abortion. They think that embryonic stem cell research is morally wrong because it's "killing a baby" (said in a mocking voice) It's far from it. The embryos they use are already in storage for in-vitro fertilization. If not used for stem cell research, they await deep freeze or death anyway. And it's NOT a BABY!!! It's a few dozen cells, maybe less. It isn't conscious, and it doesn't even have the ability to think or feel pain or love.

People are making it seem like the equivalent of slaughtering a small child or baby. The embryo isn't a BABY! It's not even a fetus yet for crying out loud. The thing is MICROSCOPIC and is farther away from being human-like than an insect. Jeez. So people who think it's "killing a baby" need to step aside and let people who realize the full potential and harmless nature of stem cell research go on and experiment with it.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States government to legalize the use and research of any type of stem cells. (especially embryonic) The possibilities are endless and the restrictions on stem cell research are preventing mind-boggling breakthroughs that could already be discovered.

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