Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., Chairman
From NASW Guam

Guam is the only US territory that does not have a social work licensing program. Social workers should be licensed like any other professions to strengthen their credentials, ensure the safety of the community, the clients they help, and further improve their performance in the profession. Social Work licensure is a regulatory measure taken by all states in an effort to minimize abuse of the social workers' professional positions and to ensure proper counseling is given by qualified practitioners.

As the field, and workforce, of social work increases in magnitude, it is vital for the career of social work to keep its name as clean as possible from scandal, malpractice, as well as show the value of social work practices in the community at large. Licensing social workers will increase funding for government programs to include various areas of welfare and will rightfully require proof of success in social welfare programs. In addition, enhance the well-being of the community as a whole.

Therefore, social work licensure is a procedure that helps weed out those who are not interested in social justice or in the betterment of society and the patients they help on an individual basis. Passing of this bill will require current social workers to review and study more to meet the minimum social worker standards and pass the SW certification. In addition, the certified social workers will be required to meet a certain number of hours annually to continue and keep up with the changing information and require them to receive continuing education to protect their license. Social work licensing is, in effect, a guarantee for the existence and continual growth of the social work industry.

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From NASW Guam

Dear Senator,

I fully support licensure of Social Workers on Guam. Licensing social workers ensures the protection of clients from malpractice and/or harm due to non-professional delivery of social services.

The Social Work Practice Act will establish minimum standards of qualifications needed for social work practice in Guam and will regulated the ongoing professional development of social work practitioners,


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