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Toronto Council, Ontario Provincial Premier, Ontario Minister of Transportation

The Chinese-Canadians in Support of the Sheppard Subway Committee requests your voice in advance of the Toronto City Council vote March 21st, 2012 for the construction of the Sheppard Subway Extension.

Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford was elected on a platform to build the Sheppard Subway. Now Toronto City Council has ignored the voice of Torontonians. The Chinese-Canadian population in Scarborough is very significant. Our voice must be heard at City Hall regarding the future of our public transportation.

We must take heed of lessons learned in other world class cities such as Hong Kong and Madrid who built their subway systems more cost effectively and in a shorter turnaround time. Much can be learned of the private sectoral financing from the Hong Kong MTR model which resulted in a world class system which also returns back a profit to the city yearly!

Toronto City Council has neglected to look outside the TTC's traditional funding model. The ‘lack of funds’ excuse is narrow minded and is simply not an acceptable argument within the Sheppard Subway Extension debate.

The Chinese community is well aware of the economic impact and disruptions during the construction of the streetcar rail path along Spadina and more recently along St. Clair. Loss of business due to construction and traffic jams are not an option for the small businesses that inhabit Sheppard Ave. We do not wish to see our local small businesses crushed by these disruptions.

Please sign this simple petition to be delivered to Toronto City Council on March 21st, 2012.

Let your voice be heard!

Subway is the way, all the way!

Thank you.

Chinese-Canadians in Support of the Sheppard Subway Committee

The construction of the Sheppard Subway will:

- Provide higher capacity and a much faster commute.
- Reduce road intersection restrictions.
- Reduce road usage interruptions and result in less traffic gridlock.
- Lower long term operating cost and enhance the local economy along the transit corridor.

We the undersigned petition: Toronto City Council, Dalton McGuinty Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty and Ontario Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli to support the Sheppard Subway expansion eastward to the Scarborough Town Centre and westward to Downsview.

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