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Augusta County Board of Supervisors
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From 1992 to 2009 the number of students in Virginia increased 22%, the number of teachers 11%, and the administrative staff 100%. Augusta County ’s trends were in keeping. For the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year the total budget for Augusta County Public schools was $116,554,163 for approximately 10750 students. This is an annual cost of $10,840 per student.

During a similar period, 1999 to 2007, home schooling increased 75% because of an accelerating growth in the number of families that have lost confidence in public education. Meanwhile, Virginia and Augusta County, at an ever increasing annual cost to taxpayers, continues to focus on task-oriented teaching and testing programs that causes even more families to rely on home schooling and private schooling.

The solution is not more money. The solution is reducing the cost of mandated programs such as Virginia’s SOLs, the cost of administrative bureaucracy, and the cost of never-ending construction of bells-and-whistles facilities. Until the Augusta County BOS rises to its responsibility to provide objective, daylight scrutiny of school budgets the Augusta School Administration will continue to confuse their wants with student needs. Until citizens realize that it is not “for the children” but “for the adults”, costs will increase but the quality of education will decrease.

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We, the undersigned, object to having our taxes raised.

On behalf of the teachers who do the teaching and on behalf of the families that can not afford to send their children to private schools or provide home schooling we want the BOS and the School Administration to begin acting responsibly with the extraordinary amount of funding they have to increase the quality of education rather than increase taxes by 21% to pay for an even larger school budget.

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