Augusta, Georgia and North Augusta, South Carolina
United States of America

The New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam is facing proposed changes that will improve fish habitats in the area, but could have detrimental effects on recreational opportunities and water levels upstream. We believe there's a way to balance these complex needs. We can and must preserve the pool, free the fish, save the park, and improve recreation with adjustments to the Corps' proposal.

We are reviewing the draft report and working with experts as well as people in the community to provide informed comments within the required period. Our goal is to help ensure that the chosen option meets local concerns.

Sign now to support Savannah Riverkeeper's plan for Lock & Dam: realistic, taxpayer-friendly, and a compromise for all parties. The deadline for comment is April 16, 2019.

Visit http://bit.ly/guestcolumnSRK for more background on our position and visit www.savannahriverkeeper.org to learn about the organization.

Savannah Riverkeeper's demands include that the chosen option:

• Successfully implements fish passage at the same level or better;
• Does not degrade, destroy or damage the potential for improvement at the adjacent Lock & Dam Park;
• Includes safe passage for public use of non-motorized boats through or around the structure, as well as fishing access, and;
• Leaves water levels significantly higher than the Feb. 2019 test drawdown, lowering the pool no more than 1 foot.

An adapted rock weir can achieve our communities' goals, but it must adhere to these needs. It is our best chance at a result that will preserve the Savannah River for today and improve it for the generations to come.

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