The Honorable Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.
United States of America

Bishop Saundra McFadden Weaver was convicted of seven counts of mortgage fraud.

In an attempt to help a friend in need, Bishop Weaver signed paperwork to secure a loan. The defense argued that the busy public servant (Bishop Weaver) did not read the fine print on the mortgage contracts. She signed them in good faith.

Previously convicted con artists, who made deals with the prosecution to minimize their time behind bars, victimized Bishop Weaver, who has devoted many years to public service.

Bishop Weaver did not stand to gain financially from her involvement in what she thought was the legitimate act to help someone. She did not live in the house in Lee’s Summit. She had no plans to do so. There were no utility bills in her name for the residence. There was no intent to de-fraud.

She maintained her residence in the district she served as a City Council member as prescribed by law. She is a minister of the gospel. She is not a lawyer. She got some bad advice from a licensed mortgage broker she trusted.

The trial and conviction has cost her a lot of money and the office of City Councilwoman for the 3rd District.

She has put in long days to make sure things happened such as assisting in creating jobs and crime prevention, sponsoring legislation to secure minority job training and providing safe and clean recreation. Kansas City is a better place to live because of her efforts. It is a national model for Section 3 HUD compliance, which she helped to create. This program benefits minority contractors.

She had a special place in her heart for children and was asked to come to debates and other educational activities throughout the city. She always tried to oblige. A sought-after public speaker, she was and is invited to local churches and other organizations throughout the world.

Additionally, she is the pastor of Community Fellowship Church of Jesus Christ. She is a community shepherd. Over sixteen thousand families were fed during the annual holiday food distributions, which she founded. She has long been an outspoken community activist.

Just like Jesus, she was unfairly tried and convicted of a crime she did not commit based on the accusations of some jealous-hearted haters. Just like Jesus, she is standing strong.

We, the undersigned, petition the court to show leniency in the sentencing of Saundra McFadden Weaver.

We respectfully request she be granted the opportunity to remain free to continue her service in the community.

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