#Human Rights
The William Morris Agency, International Creative Management (ICM)

On July 20th, 1974, the country of Turkey invaded the Island of Cyprus - WHY?

*A Greek led coup designed to rid Cyprus of ALL Turkish Cypriots and annexe Cyprus to Greece (ENOSIS), claiming it as a Greek island.
*Had Turkey not intervened, Turkish Cypriots would not exist today, but they do.
*However, they continue to live with international isolation, forcing them to exist as second class citizens in their own country.
*Turkish Cypriots have had their human rights denied for decades.

You will hear statements like 'occupied land' and yes it is occupied, but by Turkish Cypriots and other settlers who have a right, like anyone else, to watch celebrities perform in their own country - Cyprus.

We the undersigned respectfully ask Rihanna and her representatives to not be influenced by other groups petitioning against her and other celebrities performing in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

The Support Rihanna and other Celebrities' Right to Perform in TRNC petition to The William Morris Agency, International Creative Management (ICM) was written by Moyra Hassan and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.