#Human Rights
Australian Goverment

September last year I delivered my boy at 19.5 weeks and was told I could not register my son due to not being 20 weeks. From 16 weeks gestation mothers are told to go through the labour and deliver there child. 16 weeks gestation babies have arms, legs, genitals, fingers, toes, eye lids the list goes on, they are babies not some science experiment.

If mothers are told to go through the labour and deliver their child, as parents we should have rights to register our child/ren through births, deaths and marriages.

We have a right to get a birth certificate and recognise our children, recognise they were born and that they are apart of our lives.

We, the Australian people call on the Australian Government to let Parents have the right to register our children from 16 weeks gestation if delivered through labour.

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Time to recognise children who are delivered through birth.

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