#Human Rights
The Government of Canada

Refugees applying in Canada often go through a long process in order for their application to be processed. Almost 6 years ago the process was easier as it takes reasonably 5 to 6 years for the applicants to receive their citizenship.

Not until recently when the past Prime Minister changed the laws that the applicant will not be credited for any of the days they spent in Canada before receiving their Permanent Residency which takes 4 years.

The old government made it 4 years before applying for the citizenship for a total of 8 years plus the time for applying for the citizenship which takes around a year to pull through. Just recently the Canadian Government made a plan for receiving 25000 Refugees from Syria, these refugees received their Permanent Residency as soon as they stepped foot in Canada. Which means that they will receive their Citizenship in 5 years comparing the Protected Persons which is 9 years!

We, the undersigned, call for the Government of Canada to credit the Protected persons for the days they spent inside Canada toward applying for the Canadian Citizenship.

This will give the Protected Persons a chance to get their Citizenship within 5-6 years rather than 9-10 years.

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