#Animal Welfare

Bill S213 in regards to penalties for animal abuse are currently at Senate Level. In Canada this is the first update to animal abuse laws in 100 years. I realize bill 373 is also out there and debate is heavy. Bottom line is the Federal Government has promised for many years to amend the act but nothing has been accomplished.

The current maximum of 6 months jail is substantially quite inadequate, when person/s tie a dogs feet, bag it's head and rope it to a vehicle and proceed to drag it for miles, then don't even have the decency to destroy the animal when the ordeal caused irreversible damage but did not result in death.

We, the undersigned, agree with the proposed bill S213 in regards to increasing the maximum jail time and/or fines for those convicted of cruelty to animals. Such legislation should also include an appropriate ban from owning animals.

We further ask that the government define abuse as to not to include farmers who may be simply be performing routine operations.

Law should be directed at those whom intentionally or unintentionally performed acts which could cause harm to an animal as decided by judge or jury.
Conservative MP Myron Thompson has promised to pursue this bill for balance when parliament resumes. We want changes in maximum penalties completed by fall session.

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