Rattler, the Jackass Losers on Yahoo, bq4lifeisaloser Yahoo group
United States of America

Rattler the King of Cappers formerly known as bq4life2003 has been followed around the Internet by a bunch of Jackass Losers in the bq4lifeisaloser Yahoo group who won't stop dumping on him.

This petition is a response to those Morons who won't stop following him around to say that Rattler is the Best Capper of All and a decent human being who wants to be left alone to cap and share his superb caps with those who appreciate them.

This petition also asks Rattler to abandon his plans to retire from capping.

We the undersigned hereby express our support for Rattler and ask him to give up his plans to retire from capping. These are the facts:

1. Rattler is devoted to getting caps for the rest of us who cannot cap or are not able to watch the shows

2. Rattler's caps are the highest quality

3. Rattler caps more shows and more women than anyone else

4. Rattler asks for nothing in return for all the work he does

5. Rattler has been capping for longer than anyone else

6. Rattler has endured the jackass morons who crap all over him on Yahoo and trash his petitions and message boards but he still caps for all of us

In summary we support you Rattler. Because of the above you are hereby bestowed the title "KING OF THE CAPPERS" which is most deserved.

May you continue to cap for all of eternity!

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The Support Rattler the King of All Cappers petition to Rattler, the Jackass Losers on Yahoo, bq4lifeisaloser Yahoo group was written by Jake Johnson and is in the category Forums at GoPetition.