Private Home Daycare Providers (Kingston, Ontario)

Currently, Private Home Daycare laws only allow 5 children in addition to the providers own at any given time.

In the past, Kingston had a trial period where we were allowed to take up to 14 children and hire staff accordingly.

I think it's time for this trial to be re-introduced! With the changing times and the high demand for infant spaces, I feel we can quickly and effectively make a huge difference in the childcare field!

Please Note: Not every private home daycare would be ran like this, the current law would still exist. We would be introducing the option to operate a large family day home (with a permit) for those who are interested. (This would be monitored/licensed care, like a center) Each home would be assessed separately and according to it's size, etc. (This is currently being done in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and works quite well.)

My personal thoughts: I believe this would be a good way to accumulate additional infant spaces that this city needs desperately. I can't stress enough how much safer it would be to have two or more staff on site at all times!

PARENTS: If you would, please state "parent" under the comment part of the petition. Thank you for your support!

PROVIDERS: If you feel it would be a safer way to run your business and would be interested in expanding your private home daycare if the law permitted it, please sign below!

PARENTS: If you agree and would be interested in sending your child to a large family day home, please also sign below!

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