#Students' Rights
US Senate
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Hello, and greetings from Clean Slate Fellowship!

We are excited to launch a campaign to reinstate prayer in the Public School System. Starting January 1, 2014, we will be collecting signatures to petition congress to reinstate the allowance of prayer in the Public School System.

We, as Christians must maintain an active involvement in our government. Failure to do so has already resulted in several changes to the constitution of this country, that we feel, are detrimental to the spiritual growth, and overall morality of our children.

As Christians, (or people of any faith), our children should be allowed to pray before school begins. We feel very strongly that failure to do so contributes to the decay of the moral attitude in all students, not just Christians. Peoples of different faiths should also be afforded this right.

Thank you in advance, and we encourage you; if you are Christian, to spread the word via your social outlets, and share this cause. As with any campaign, support is crucial to it's success.

Let's give our children the right to pray. If we don't stand up for the rights of our children, who will?

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to reinstate the rights of our children to pray to their God, either on school grounds, or in the classroom, or in an area on the grounds designated for that purpose, before each and every school day.

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