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The Granite State APA is a family, literally and figuratively. I met my husband through the league, and there are many teams that have husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, mothers/fathers and sons/daughters, and cousins. We support our operators, our host locations, and our fellow pool players. We have all struggled through the ups and downs brought on by COVID-19. Pool has been an outlet for us; a place to retreat to, and to feel some sort of normalcy.

We are all well aware of the risks and responsibilities we have when we enter an establishment to engage in recreational activities. We have taken many precautions to keep each other safe, and to adhere to all safety regulations. While activities such as poker, corn hole, and other activities have been cleared to continue running, pool has not.

We find it unfair that a community of over 1,000 people is being told that they can’t continue doing what they love, while others doing similar activities can. Although this may sound like it’s coming from a selfish place, we are also concerned for our operators and host locations.

In a time when everything is on shaky ground, it is important for us to support local businesses. These people are putting themselves at risk to offer us a sense of normalcy. The extra cleaning and precaution that these bars/restaurants are taking on, just so we can continue competitive play, show their commitment to us as well.

We really are a family. We support each other through all the good and bad. Right now we are in the bad, and we want to continue to support and help those that have risked so much for us. With everyone dealing with something, we also need this outlet. We need to be with those that can relate, and will support us.

We are pleading with you to not exclude pool playing from the list of acceptable activities with a bar/restaurant. We promise to continue practicing safe play and social distancing. We will continue to adhere to all safety guidelines. We just want to be treated fairly, and given the opportunity to support each other.

We, the undersigned, call on the NH Reopening Committee to lift the ban on pool playing within the bars/restaurants. We feel that, by abiding by all health and safety requirements put in place, we can safely continue our league play while limiting the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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