#Neighborhood Living
Tony Baldry
United Kingdom

We have struggled to find the rent for this property and at the same time have seen an increase in the use and organisations like THE RAINBOW VENUE, RESPONSE, RETHINK, TERENCE HIGGINS TRUST, STREETS REVOLUTION to list a few, who have or want to utilise this space.

If you want to see the Big Society in action and believe that your local MP, should at the least support and assist this process by facilitating the Leaseholders and Owners, in giving the community a much needed boost and an opportunity to make a difference, if you agree than please sign this petition.



We, The undersigned are petitioning for the following:

Financial and Administrative support from the public sector to enable 3-4 George Street, Banbury to be turned into a Community Hub Building.

This will incorporate individual offices and shared operating spaces for other community organisations which are finding themselves homeless as a result of continued funding cuts.

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