Ohio Pharmacy Technicians
United States of America

Supporting technician licensing or registration means Ohio pharmacy technicians would be required to be registered with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Licensing or registration would require more responsibility from technicians, but would also open up new opportunities for us. (exp. Mail order technicians, or technicians only required to electronically enter scripts into the computer, could have the ability to work from home)

THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ANOTHER TEST. Obtaining a license simply means you would fill out a registration form bi annually and send it to the board of pharmacy.

In the event of dangerous patient errors, technicians would be subject to lose his/her license or registration to practice in a pharmacy atmosphere. This promotes patient safety and public justice.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ohio Elected Officials, the Board of Pharmacy and the Ohio Pharmacist Association, to require Ohio pharmacy technicians to obtain a license or require registration with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, to practice in a pharmacy in Ohio.

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