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Nearly half (49%) of Washington, DC residents are African American. While African Americans make up the largest majority of residents, we receive the least in terms of community affairs funding.

2016 FY Budget
Office on Latino Affairs (10%) - $3,177,309, 10 employees
Office on African Affairs (2%) - $367,000, 3 employees
Office of LGBT Affairs (10%) - $209,000, 2 employees
Office of African American Affairs (49%) - $118,900, 1 employee

There are 5 times as many African American residents than the community that receives the highest level of funding. There is not an equitable sharing of resources to address the needs of our communities as African American residents, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, employees, and homeowners in DC.

It is our request that the Office of African American Affairs budget be increased to $15 million with a staff of 5 employees.

This funding will be used to support engagement in the African American community to grow the middle class, increase employment opportunities, build better education systems, create easier paths to homeownership, provide financial literacy, highlight creative arts and support small businesses.

Calling on Everyone! Join us on April 7th at 11am for the City Council Budget Hearing at the Wilson Building - 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Executive Office of the Mayor and City Council to increase the Office of African American Affairs budget to $15 million with a staff of 5 employees.

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