Voters in the South Australian March 2010 Election

The March 2010 Election has been affected by deceit and poor conduct, If you attended the polling booth and were told you were not on the electoral role
· If you were denied entry or a vote for any reason
· If you did not receive your postal ballot paper
· If you feel you were not informed enough about how to vote, or any other important issues like never received a postal vote, or saw any other irregularities, please sign and support the fight for democracy, do we face a new fair election or allow dishonesty or poor performance to win our vote.


We the undersigned did not feel we were adequately informed of our democratic rights and obligations under the electoral Act, we did not truly understand the difference of the houses, how to vote in them, and did not receive enough information to bring us up to date before the election.

We would like to see the election re-held, so that We can cast our vote in an informed manner, We would also like to have access to the many candidates details, if we are to have a preference for them all, and to know where their preferences are bring distributed.

I am an enrolled elector in the State of South Australia.

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