City of New Smyrna Beach
United States of America

WEEZY'S NSBFREE is an Advertising and Marketing company in New Smyrna Beach that advertises for local businesses. In return it provides free rides to residents and tourist to local businesses using Eco friendly electric vehicles.

Many use this to prevent DRINKING and DRIVING, also many elderly and financially restricted use it as there only means of transportation. Now WEEZY'S NSBFREE has changed ownership and in the process of obtaining a new business licence through the city of New Smyrna Beach the application was denied as a marketing and advertising company. The city has said that it is a taxi and would need to obtain a licence under that classification, also WEEZY'S NSBFREE would not be able to park the golf cart vehicles at a residential location. The business has already had a marketing and advertising licence and the vehicles had also been previously parked in the location they would be stored now.

I am fighting to be able to park these vehicles in my garage and obtain a licence under marketing and advertising.

We the undersigned are in support of allowing WEEZY'S NSBFREE to be run from a residential location and park his vehicles in his garage.

We want to keep WEEZY'S NSBFREE running in New Smyrna Beach do to the public service it provides to this community free of charge.

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