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United States of America

Barack Obama has won and will be the President for another four (4) years. The People who have elected you want you to do your jobs the next four years.

Remember that you work for the people, so you need to begin doing what the people want.

We, the People, have spoken by voting for President Obama. He has accomplished important issues over the past four years, and know he will try to continue doing what is good for this country, the United States of America.

The first thing we expect of you is to show President Obama the respect that he has earned and deserves. Second, don't waste our time trying to push through an agenda that you want. What we, the People want, is the agenda you need to be working on. Third, stop trying to take away rights of women. They are just as important as any man is. They deserve equal pay. Fourth, keep religion out of your job as a member of Congress. There needs to be a separation of Church and State. Five, have a heart. Remember the people who have lost their lives defending this country. Our soldiers deserve the best in training, medical care, housing, and to know that you have their backs. Six, forget you are a Republican or Democrat, base your decisions on what is best for this country and for the People.

If you are unable to do this, then rest assured you will be looking for jobs else where.We the People have spoken, and rest assured without us you would be looking for another job. Make us proud of electing you, not ashamed because of your poor behavior.

Remember, respect President Obama, no more wise cracks, saying he's not american, saying he's muslim, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure he is treated as he should be, with respect.

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