The House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament Assembled

This petition from the undersigned respectfully points out that:

The view that 'OUR CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE' is commonly accepted as true, yet the majority of children are prompted to eat and are often living under the influence of devitalised, processed and health endangering junk food diets?

Now more than ever the time is right for us to observe the wisdom of Hippocrates who taught, "LET YOUR FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE AND YOUR MEDICINE BE YOUR FOOD".

We, the petitioners, therefore request that the House of Representatives legislates to:

• Ensure that education for 'health through nutrition' becomes a fundamental part of children's learning and that school canteens offer the healthiest possible menus;

• Give all Australian children accurate information about the importance of living enzymes and anti-oxidants in raw plant foods and their direct effect on health;

• Emphasise 'prevention is better than cure' urging individuals to take more responsibility for their own health enhancement, and life extension;

• Provide learning programs to minimise costly degenerative diseases with funds previously spent on treating these conditions going towards natural health education and practices;

• Inform children about the facts associated with obtaining all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health and longevity from a plant based living foods diet.

And we the petitioners thank you in anticipation of your full support with this initiative.

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