Federal Government of Nigeria; CBN; FMWR; FMITI;

Government of Nigeria through the line Ministry responsible for water Resources development and supply (FMWR) find it very difficult to make water available to Nigerians by making tap run in all houses.
The consideration of insitu means for quick and most available water sources which is GroundWater Resources is inevitable for human needs. The failure to meeting these challenges gave rise to the development of local drilling companies in Nigeria vis a vis Professionals in borehole development. This new development gave rise to Nigeria artisan in manufacturing local drilling rigs and many jobs were created.
The invasion of foreign drilling companies into Nigeria territory without any regulation in 2014 lead to haphazard drilling and dearth of local force whose expertise are valuable for Job creation in Nigeria.
Many local Nigeria industries that are into local manufacturing of drilling rigs find it difficult to meet up with the local dominance of the industry by the foreign operators.
Young Professionals whose area of education and expertise find it difficult to identify any reliable Waterwell Borehole drilling business, that can serve as platform for their practical .
Because of lack of interest and competition resulting to low financial muzzle to meet up with the market force, many of the companies folded up.
Government looses N30 billon yearly from indiscriminate and unprofessional drilling or handling of Water borehole projects, because of the operation of the players that are not regulated.

We the undersigned practitoners in Borehole drilling industry, call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to
1. Support the financing of Local Borehole Master Drillers to benefit from the CBN intervention.
2. Restrain the operation of foreign drilling companies in Nigeria, thus operationalizing Executive order 5.
3. Support local Fabricators so we can manufacture borehole drilling equipment in Nigeria.
4. Regulate operation of Practitioners in the industry through the responsible agency.
5. Give water Borehole Projects to only Licensed drilling company.

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