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The National Popular Vote interstate compact is a solution to make everyone's vote for president matter - regardless of whether they live in red, blue, or battleground states. And will ensure that the person with the most votes in all 50 states wins.

On the map... Green = the National Popular Vote bill has been enacted into law
Orange = passage by one legislative chamber
Yellow = passage by both legislative chambers (but in different years, and hence not enacted)
Blue = a hearing by at least one legislative committee
Gray = has been introduced, but no hearing

Problems with the current system which creates battlegrounds vs safe states are:
1) the person with most votes overall may not become president
2) the candidates campaign only in the battleground states addressing issues related to those states and ignoring the safe states
3) voter turnout is much lower in safe states
4) the value of each vote is unequal across the states.

National Popular Vote interstate compact will solve this by exercising state's rights to award electors they way that they see fit - in this case, according to popular vote. No change to federal law or the US constitution is needed.


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