Political Parties of pakistan

This is to voice protest against the views of politician of Pakistan. We have an economic and security crisis. People need food, clean water, shelter, security, electricity, education.

Our politician are not providing us that instead they are too myopic in their own self that they think that getting rid of Mushraf will solve everything. It will get a grief struck Pakistani flood victim relief ! They say it will solve all issues. Well we don't think so.

We support President of Pakistan and think that right now Pakistan is more important then anything else, we do not want an impeachment all we want is a political system that priorities the need of people of Pakistan.

We need hygienic food, Clean water, inflation control, economic stability, Secure shelter, Secure borders, Electricity, safety of one's life and most of all we want peace. !! Please don’t make a non issue an Issue. This is our Pakistan and We are it's Citizen we want all the basic right of being a citizen which the constitution of Pakistan gives us.

It is the Role of political parties who got the mandate to provide us that then go for your personal vendettas!! Long Live Pakistan.

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