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Christchurch Borough Council
United Kingdom

This petition is in support of plans for a new Morrisons foodstore at Stony Lane, Christchurch.

There is a need for more foodstores and greater shopping choice within Christchurch. The new Morrisons planned for Stony Lane would provide residents with access to a well-known operator not currently within the area.

Beagle’s move and expansion is dependent on the money that would be generated from its sale to Morrisons. The sale cannot go ahead if the application is unsuccessful.

Morrisons have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public. The majority, (91%) of respondents, said they supported the proposals and were happy to see the Stony Lane site redeveloped into a Morrisons.

A planning application has been submitted to Christchurch Borough Council, who will shortly decide whether to give the go ahead. Please sign this petition to let councillors know that the local community wants a new Morrisons.

Please do not sign this petition if you have already signed the paper petition.

We the undersigned support the planning application for a new Morrisons at Stony Lane. We believe the new foodstore will be good for Christchurch because it will:

Create around 250-300 new full and part-time jobs for the local community;

Allow Beagle’s expansion and move to a new location in Christchurch;

Improve choice and competition in food shopping in Christchurch;

Increase the number of visitors to Christchurch and encourage shoppers to the town centre.

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