#Human Rights

The idea of expanding on the UN's resolution to include a moratorium on abortion was first formulated by Italian journalist, Giuliano Ferrara, director of the daily newspaper "Foglio" and a non-Christian former Communist Party leader.

It was quickly taken up by the Vatican, but also by Lenin Raghavarshi, an Indian atheist and winner of the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

The Korean Catholic Bishops Conference joined the movement with a statement that the "logical conclusion" of the UN death penalty moratorium is to "extend it to a moratorium on abortion."

We ask the world community to support the moratorium on the death penalty as suggested by the United Nations, and every effort made to reconcile people who have been victims of crime.

We ask that people also stop killing the unborn infants and put all the money saved into improving maternity services and understanding the deeper issues of pregnancy loss and bonding and mental health needs of people who often find relief in grieving their loss.

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