#Civil Rights
Concerned Citizens
United States of America

Everyone deserves a chance at a better life. Who are we to stand in the way of a better future for a good person? Are we insisting that we are better people because we were born in the land of the free and home of the brave? Are we still as Americans, stuck on the colors of our skin to define us a person?I disagree, I believe those who deserve a chance, should be able to have one. Help me stand up for the innocent for the Mexican families that are in United States without a voice. To help stop the fear of deportation , being taken away from children, husbands and wifes.

Let's help the Mexicans that are willing to help the United States by paying taxes, joining United States troops, fighting for our country. Putting money back into our country by being able to buy housing, cars and other products instead of being separated from there family and sending there money back to Mexico, building there country while lowering ours.

Let's help them help us. Lets come together and compromise because as one we stand alone, but together we stand united.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States government to take action and give illegal immigrants with clean backgrounds and a willingness to help and be involved in our country, the United States of America, citizenship.

We stand United ready to help our country as well as the innocent people that are striving for a better live.

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