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As of 2018, 33 states in the United States of America have supported and passed laws allowing the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana and other uses for marijuana have been banned on a federal level for over 80 years. However, research has shown medical marijuana to improve with such things as: chronic pain, ADHD, PTSD, nausea from chemotherapy, headaches and many more. Not only does medical marijuana help with these conditions, it helps in a much more efficient and safe manner than the drugs currently used for treatment. Other than medical purposes, the use of other drugs such a heroin, opium, alcohol and tobacco use have gone down significantly in states where medical marijuana has been legalized.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 states as of 2018. Medical marijuana helps relieve chronic pain, headaches, subdue seizures and even helps with those suffering from PTSD. If you sign to put medical marijuana on the ballot for South Dakota, you are helping thousands of local South Dakotans who are seeking help but are unavailable to find the help that they need. Currently, prescription medications are used to help reduce the symptoms caused by PTSD, ADHD, headaches, seizures, and other chronic pains. However, these perscription medications sometimes don’t work and only make matters worse. Medical marijuana is more effective to treating those in need than the prescription medications we are currently giving them. Not only this, but legalization of medical marijuana will help reduce other drug use such as heroin, alcohol, tobacco, opium and other drug use in South Dakota.

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