#County Zoning
Alamosa County Board of Commissioners
United States of America

We are requesting the Alamosa Board of Commissioners to add an amendment to the Alamosa County Ordinance No. 16 Regarding Medical Marijuana within Alamosa County.

Allow Industrial zoned areas to have included as one of its principal uses growing facilities for marijuana. Industrial areas are great places for manufacturing which basically is what a growing area is. The grow facilities have to be monitored by the State of Colorado with incredible security measures put in place.

The benefit for Alamosa County is the economic impact that would take place. Not only would the County benefit from the tax base it would collect, but employment opportunities would also be available.
Last but not least it has been documented over and over the health benefits of Marijuana, that in itself should be the biggest positive thing about changing the amendment to allow grows to take place.

One of the things we hear as negative is that we don’t want our kids getting access to it. Again, the amendment would allow grow facilities to be in industrial areas.

This is not open to public at all it is secure with badged personnel and security cameras. The laws are very very strict with these facilities so our children in the community would not have access or increase exposure to this product.

We, the undersigned request the Alamosa County Commissioners to allow Industrial areas to become grow facilities for marijuana.

We believe that marijuana in Alamosa County would be good for us economical and help the growth of our community.

We understand that by signing this petition we are stating that we are a resident of Alamosa County and of the appropriate age to vote.

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