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United States of America

Currently, there is no federal law mandating that companies give paid maternity leaves to their employees.

I am petitioning for the federal government to enact a law mandating that companies pay at least fifty percent of their employees average monthly income to the woman on maternity leave during the duration of her maternity leave as long as the amount of time taken for this leave is within the standard FMLA leave length.

I believe it is unrealistic to expect women to take the standard FMLA unpaid leave. Whether the woman's healthcare provider determines she is ready to go back to work shortly after birth or not, many women do not have the luxury of relying on any other person(s) to financially support them during their maternity leave.

I believe we should follow the lead of so many other countries and provide this resource for all women in need of maternity or family bonding leave.

We, the undersigned, call on the federal government to enact a law mandating all companies in the U.S. to give paid maternity leave and family bonding leave to their employees.

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