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Prime Minister Gordon Brown & all MP's in the House of Commons
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The recent case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has highlighted the need for greater supports, co-ordination and information to raise awareness about child safety, especially when traveling abroad with children.

We have outlined a number of practical suggestions and recommendations which we believe can help. We do not believe that these are the perfect solutions... or the only solutions, but we believe they can start the process of informed discussion and debate culminating in action to improve things.

Through this petition we are calling on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and all MP's in the House of Commons to support our calls to enact Madeleine's Law.

(Please Note: This petition, campaign and website are not associated with or affiliated to the official Madeleine McCann campaign or website. We do not suggest or imply that the McCann Family support or endorse this petition in any way.)

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The 7 Key Recommendations of Madeleine's Law are (please visit our website - www.MadeleinesLaw.com for full details of our petition and e-mail campaign):

1) The Government must develop and put in place a NATIONAL INFORMATION CAMPAIGN aimed at informing parents about child safety - at home & abroad.

2) The Government must actively PROMOTE THESE CAMPAIGNS at key times in the year such as Christmas, Easter and School Holidays (when children are more likely to travel abroad on holiday).

3) The Government must actively PUBLICISE THESE CAMPAIGNS and other information throughout the year through key locations such as Schools, Police Stations, Libraries, Citizens Advice Bureau's, Post Offices and Doctors Surgeries.

4) The Government must establish a FUND TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT the parents of a missing child (where necessary) with costs such as travel, accommodation and other essential expenses during the search for the missing child. This should also include translation and interpretation costs if the child is missing in a non-English speaking country.

5) The Government must CHANGE EMPLOYMENT LAWS to allow for a statutory period of paid leave, and a further period of unpaid leave, from employment for the parents of a missing child.

6) The Government must fully integrate and support the existing CHILD RESCUE ALERT system with additional measures to advise and inform the general public when a child goes missing. This system should be developed in conjunction with a EUROPE-WIDE ALERT SYSTEM.

7) The Government must support the establishment of specialist NATIONAL & REGIONAL CHILD ABDUCTION RESPONSE TEAMS (CART) to help in the search for a missing child. Where a child is missing outside of Britain these specialist teams could also provide assistance and expertise to police forces in that country. CART teams are established in the USA and have been successful.

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