Casino Niagara

“Find another band that does what we do.”  That has been the philosophy of Lucky 13 (A.K.A. L-13) since it was created almost seven years ago.

Lucky 13 was originally formed in 2003 by two former members of the band. 

To set themselves apart from other bands, Lucky 13 invested thousands of dollars into their stage show adding intelligent lighting, lasers, strobes, and flashers.  The band also began to travel with their own flat panel TVs, which displayed popular videos, turning a regular bar into a video nightclub.  The band quickly rose to the top of the cover band music scene.

For more info visit www.L-13.com

We, the undersigned fans of Lucky 13, would like to petition Casino Niagara to reconsider the banning
of this well known and loved band.

Lucky 13 has played at Casino Niagara for over 3 years now. Much of the staff and regular visitors to the Casino have been disappointed in the decision to cancel their dates. This same group of people (undersigned) can vouch for the band's quality and honesty.

For some, the 3 or 4 times per year that Lucky 13 plays at the casino is their favorite or only time to make the trip to see them and enjoy their music.

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