Prime Minister, Gordon Brown
United Kingdom


Dear Petitioner,

Here’s the deal… Belu’s compostable bottles are made from the renewable resource corn; they are compostable, recyclable, low in CO2 and represent a future where all packaging comes from natural materials, do not leave a legacy of pollution, and ultimately go back to nature.

So what’s the hold up?

Simply, we need more companies to start using eco-friendly packaging. You can help by letting them know how you feel.

Second, we need to entice the recycling industry to start sorting and recycling eco-plastics. The easiest way for them to do this is by using “near infra-red” scanners. The good news is that there are already such scanners in the UK including one that handles half the waste in London. What we need to ensure is that the other recyclers get them as well.

The problem is that some recyclers might not have the cash to invest in these machines (even though they pay for themselves over time). We as citizens can help: let’s instruct government to help these recyclers get with the programme.

The petition we would kindly like you to sign is in the box below...

This just about sums this issue up. The moral of the story is that eco-plastics can be used for about everything in the grocery store. Let’s not let any unnecessary obstacles stand in the way of a clean planet.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, call on the government to help ensure we don’t further trash our planet.

We would like government to provide low interest loans and/or other financial incentives, so that UK recyclers install “near infra-red” scanners at their facilities.

By improving the capability of these recycling facilities, we will see improved recycling rates as well as in the inclusion of eco-friendly packaging in this recycling stream.


The Undersigned

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