Ocean Beach Main Street Association
United States of America

Select business owners of Ocean Beach have been personally attacking small, beloved established market stall owners at the Wednesday Farmers market. Using political and financial threatening power, small business owners having perpetrated no offense, broken no contract or offended no one have been personally threatened or removed from the market with no justifiable cause to be given.

These large business owners have done so using methods of slander and defamation of character, and violation of multiple anti-trust laws to which they are legally liable, however their standing within the Ocean Beach community as providers of substantially more money have given them mob-like power over every action within the community.

We, the small business owner, farmer, and resident of Ocean Beach and San Diego call for the immediate removal of influence of the Ocean Beach business owner from the dealings of the Wednesday Farmers Market.

While this is supported and run by the Main Street Association it is a venue independent of the store fronts on Newport Ave, and was established in the first place to give selling ground for those without a venue in which to do so.

Furthermore, we call for the legal abiding of anti-trust laws, demolishing monopolies established through unethical business practice.

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